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EGR Emission Control Exhaust Valves


NOx emission reduction using Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

Benefits of Low Pressure (LP) EGR over conventional High Pressure (HP) EGR

  • No scavenging means increased turbo effectiveness and increased efficiency
  • Easier Re-circulation at high loads with variable-geometry turbocharger
  • Larger particulate matter

Long Loop EGR using Helical’s Low Pressure (LP) EGR Valve

  • High turbo effectiveness & high MPG
  • EGR already been filtered via DPF
  • Can be used in conjunction with High Pressure Loop (HP) EGR

Helical’s Low Pressure (LP) EGR Valve

  • Fast response <170 milliseconds both directions
  • Can be made to various diameters
  • Robust design and quiet operation

Acoustic Exhaust Valves