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  • In-house design and prototyping
  • Latest CNC machines for manufacture of bespoke rotators
  • Sizes ranging from 25mm to 150mm diameter
  • Many processes automated
  • In-house spring manufacture
  • In-house assembly
  • Quality control
  • Electronic vision inspection machines (incorporating photography, designed and built in-house)
  • Metrology machines to ensure highly accurate tolerances
  • In-house testing



  • CNC spring coiling machines
  • Automatic coiling machines
  • Spring end grinding machines
  • Furnaces and shot-peening machines
  • Supported by comprehensive tool room and inspection department



The Helical Technology Rotator Test Department is a bespoke facility, with a wide range of test equipment, giving us the means to perform:

  • Performance testing of the rotators under realistic conditions to ensure the quality of outgoing products and develop new designs
  • Endurance testing of the rotators under realistic conditions
  • Research and development to facilitate the creation of new technologies and customer solutions
  • Component fatigue testing