08 August 2018

EVO Magazine article

After lots of focus & dedication, Helical has finished designing & building 2 R&D Dynamic Test Rigs, otherwise known as Car 1 and Car 2, which now feature in the Evo magazine article below.

When we contacted Evo in March’18, they were very keen to get involved with us, and particularly liked how the Helical Technology family-run engineering company proved its unrivalled enthusiasm & technical automotive skill to design, develop, produce, tune & test 2 fully functional and roadworthy supercars.
We explained to Evo that the cars were our biggest Marketing assets, used as Technology Demonstrators of most of our current & future products, either at Trade exhibitions or on-site for visitors.
For the right application, the cars can also test some of our current & future products in a dynamic environment, which doesn’t need to simulate the conditions, as a test-rig would, because it’s the real life setting, hence the “Dynamic Test Rig” name.
Many visitors to Helical have been very impressed by seeing the Cars and meeting the team.

We hope you like the Evo article.