07 March 2018

Helical’s new Valve Rotator Test Facility is now operational

Helical Technology Limited, based in Lytham UK, are pleased to announce that the new Valve Rotator Test Facility is now operational.

Helical Technology have been designing and developing Valve Rotator components for various engine applications for major OEM engine manufacturers since 1980.

Helical employee closing the Valve Rotator Test Centre Rig's door


An important part of this process has always been to design, manufacture and maintain a Quality component to test under realistic conditions.

The new rotator test facility replaces the existing test area, where space was becoming limited due to continued growth of the Helical Valve Rotator business.

Helical Technology employee running a test in the new Valve Rotator Test Facility

The new area represents a pro-active investment by Helical Technology to remain at the forefront of Valve Rotator technology.

The facility has been designed to allow: Research and Developement engineers working in Helical's new Valve Rotator Test Centre

  • Independent customer’s inspection and test opportunities – A competitive proposal can be offered upon request.
  • Efficient movement of the test operators and rig material, increasing test throughput.
  • Increased test rig flexibility, allowing Helical to offer an increased range of test activities to its existing and potential new customers.
  • An improved working environment adhering to the latest environmental regulations.
  • Allocated areas to conduct advanced research and development on existing and new products.